'It's not racist to want to control our borders' says Nigel Farage's team after fiery clash with Nella Rose

24 November 2023, 09:57

Nella Rose and Nigel Farage clashed over immigration.
Nella Rose and Nigel Farage clashed over immigration. Picture: ITV/I'm A Celeb

By Ana Truesdale

Nigel Farage's social media team says 'It's not racist to want to control our borders' after the politician clashed with YouTuber Nella Rose on I'm a Celebrity.

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Nigel Farage's social media team have posted on the politician's Twitter/X account after he clashed with Nella Rose on I'm a Celebrity.

The politician's team are posting on his social media accounts while he is in the jungle.

"It is not racist to want to control our borders," they wrote. "Don’t believe everything you read on the internet."

The YouTuber accused the former UKIP leader of being "anti-immigrant".

Rose confronted Farage as they stood by the bath in camp, with her claiming "black people don't like him" and that he "wants all of them gone".

Farage responded by saying it is "impossible to get a GP appointment" but Rose argued that it had been caused by a lack of funding for the NHS.

The heated debate began with Rose asking Farage: "Let's get everything out in the open. All the tea is coming out now… apparently you're anti-immigrants?"

She said she had read so online, before asking "why don't black people like you?"

Farage said "you'd be amazed, they do", to which Rose replied "so everyone hates you for no reason?"

He hit back, saying: "You can disagree with somebody, but to chuck around accusations the way they've been chucked around is grossly unfair.

"Anti-immigrant, right? No, no, all I've said is we cannot go on with the numbers coming to Britain that are coming."

Rose continued to press Farage on the "problem" of immigration, saying: "I'm one of those numbers."

"I'm stopping you getting a GP appointment?" she asked. "You're not getting an appointment because the NHS is lacking funding.

"I bet you anything if every single immigrant or from immigrant descent was to leave the UK, all your doctors gone, most of your doctors are Asian right? Most of your nurses are African women, right?

"You want us gone, that's all I understood."

Farage said Rose was not listening to him, before adding "we can agree to disagree".

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It comes after Rose also clashed with First Dates' Fred Sirieix.

The 26-year-old - who revealed that she had lost both of her parents - got annoyed when Sirieix joked that he was old enough to be her father.

Nella Rose rows with Fred on I’m A Celeb

Misinterpreting the comment, Rose branded the maître d' "disrespectful" adding that she did not want to talk to or be around him.

"I only allow people to disrespect me once," she said.

As Sirieix tried to offer an apology, Rose cut in and said: "I'm not stupid, you're not going to little girl me, you're not."