Eco activist admits 'it's a bit unfortunate' Parliament demo blocked an insulation lorry

4 November 2021, 21:20 | Updated: 4 November 2021, 21:23

By Will Taylor

This is the moment Camilla Tominey took on an Insulate Britain activist after the group's latest demo saw them block an insulation company's lorry.

Dozens of activists took to Parliament Square earlier, with 59 being arrested, as a number glued themselves to the road and once again disrupted traffic.

The group, which demands the insulation of all of Britain's homes by 2030, has drawn fury from motorists and commuters over weeks of protests.

Speaking to Fiona Atkinson, an Insulate Britain member, LBC's Camilla Tominey said: "As your fellow protesters blocked Parliament Square, they actually ended up blocking an insulation lorry that was trying to insulate a home in the nearby area. Isn't that rather self defeating?"

Fiona, who was not at the demonstration, said: "It's a bit unfortunate, yes, but we've got a bigger problem than one insulation lorry, we've got a huge global problem, haven't we?

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"We've got our government... talking loads of talk, loads of blah blah blah without actually sorting out any action that's going to make a difference."

Camilla fired back: "Isn't 'a bit unfortunate' a bit of an understatement here? You've got a massive great lorry, it's emblazoned with the word 'insulation' and it cant get through your blockade. In what world you think that helps your cause?"

Fiona asked: "Have you got me on here to talk about one lorry whilst our kids' future is being trashed by a government who wont get on with things, who are putting things off?"

Camilla asked: "Do you think this is doing the cause of insulating homes in Britain any good if people see lorries being blocked?"

Fiona replied that she had "never heard so many people talk about insulation as they have in the last seven weeks", while Camilla retorted that they are talking about Insulate Britain through gritted teeth as they disrupt lives.

Fiona replied: "Well, there's been a bit of that but most of the shows, where theres been intelligent journalism, they've been getting on architects, interviewing them about insulation, people are now actually beginning to connect up the fact that if we had better insulation in this country we could cut our fuel emissions by 15%."