One Dead Car "Deliberately" Ploughs Into Protesters In Charlottesville

12 August 2017, 22:09 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:55

A protester has been killed after a car drove through a crowd in Charlottesville.

The video above shows the moment the incident happened.

The demonstration was a counter to the Unite The Right protest in Virginia yesterday, in which Neo-Nazis chanted Heil Trump.

But as the anti-fascist protesters were walking through Charlottesville, a silver Dodge Challenger car sped down the street. Witnesses said they were in no doubt the incident was deliberate.

The Mayor of Charlottesville confirmed that one life had been lost in the incident.

Journalist Alex Rubinstein captured the chaotic aftermath of the attack.

Mr Rubinstein wrote: "I just watched a car plow through dozens of protesters. Extremely heavy injuries, possible casualties."

Yesterday, neo-Nazis, the Alt-Right and white supremacists joined together with flaming torches in a rally, before clashing with police. Some carried swastika flags.

The flaming torches of the Unite The Right rally
The flaming torches of the Unite The Right rally. Picture: PA

A local state of emergency has been declared.