David Lammy's Explosive Row With Caller Who Insists Trump Should Have State Visit

27 April 2019, 14:58 | Updated: 7 May 2019, 15:29

David Lammy got into a heated exchange with a caller said it was "dangerous" to call President Trump a 'racist'.

David Lammy had already called the US President out for misogyny and racism, calling the decision by Jeremy Corbyn and other political leaders to boycott the state banquet as the right one to make.

But a caller who disagreed told the Labour MP to "forget what you think about the man" that Mr Trump was "representing the American people".

Tim told David that he didn't believe the President was racist.

David said: "I don't know whether you recall the way he responded after the London Bridge horrible terrorist attack where those horrible knife-wielding maniacs set upon innocent people and the world leaders supported London.

"The only individual to spew out venom was Donald Trump, who decided it was appropriate to support a Britain First video that was deeply Islamaphobic."

US President Donald Trump will have a state visit to the UK in June this year
US President Donald Trump will have a state visit to the UK in June this year. Picture: PA

He added: "This isn't a joke, this is serious and one could continue but I listen very carefully to what's coming out of the united states.

"I was very privileged not so long ago to be amongst the black caucus of congressmen and senators deeply alarmed at the racism and prejudice that is emerging from the White House and Donald Trump."

But when the caller told him that it was "dangerous" to call the President a racist, David replied: "He is! He is!"

"You don't automatically give a President a state visit, you do it if you are communicating something powerful about the nature of his presidency and you want to applaud it!"

Watch the row in full in the video above.