Iain Dale invites Kurt Zouma to LBC phone-in amid cat kicking scandal

12 February 2022, 15:55

By Seán Hickey

Kurt Zouma should do a 'bare-all' interview to clear his name after a video emerged of him abusing his pet cat, Iain Dale declares.

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West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma has faced ferocious backlash after a video of him slapping and kicking his pet cat went viral. The club fined Mr Zouma £250,000 for the controversy and faces a two match ban.

"What we haven't had is Kurt Zouma doing a bare-all interview on this", LBC presenter and West Ham supporter Iain Dale told Ian Payne.

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He told Ian that a straight interview on the matter is an effective way to "manage a crisis", reminding LBC listeners that Barry Gardiner joined him for an interview and phone-in in the middle of revelations that he took money from a Chinese spy.

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"Even LBC listeners who thought he behaved disgracefully gave him credit."

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"That's what Kurt Zouma should do" Iain insisted.

Referencing a part of the video where Mr Zouma's child is holding the cat while it gets slapped, Iain noted that it "brings the whole question [of] well, is he fit to be around children?"

"This will go on until Kurt Zouma faces up to the cameras, or microphones, and if he's listening, he's very welcome to come on my show on Monday evening."

Representatives for Kurt Zouma have been approached for comment.