Woman gets £90,000 after male boss slapped her bottom with a ruler in a staff meeting

Woman who reported bottom-slapping male boss awarded £90,000 compensation

11 months ago

Barclays were sued after a member of staff referred to a female employee as "bird"

Calling women 'birds' at work is sexist, tribunal rules

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Most students think passing a sexual consent assessment should be mandatory before entering university

Majority of students want mandatory sexual consent tests before university - survey

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James O'Brien heard why leaders like Angela Merkel and Jacinta Ardern had outperformed their male counterparts

Writer perfectly explains why countries with female leaders dealt better with Covid

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Tracy Brabin responded to the controversy over her shoulder

Labour MP Tracy Brabin ridicules "sexist" media focus on her bare shoulder

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James O'Brien responded perfectly to a troll who wrote in

James O'Brien's epic response to troll during discussion about harassment of schoolgirls

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