Newspaper circulations have been dwindling, but their journalism remains important in the UK.

But how can the papers continue when readership and advertising revenue is falling? We showcase the most interesting articles on newspapers.


Neil Wallis has said Rupert Murdoch is growing "increasingly unhappy" with Boris Johnson after the exams crisis

Rupert Murdoch 'increasingly unhappy' with Boris Johnson after exams chaos

8 months ago

James O'Brien's caller tried to defend Boris Johnson, but it didn't go very well

James O'Brien caller's pro-Boris argument falls apart very, very quickly

Ages ago

James heard from Liam in Horsham, who got a Ray Liotta

Ex-Tory candidate calls James O'Brien over being dropped following "lewd" photo

Ages ago

Iain Dale's conversation ended up in a row with Mr Harker

Iain Dale rows with Guardian writer who couldn't be friends with a Tory

Ages ago

James O'Brien in the LBC studio

James O'Brien perfectly explains how the media stop complaints about inequality

Ages ago

Olivia Colman criticised the press for their treatment of Harry and Meghan

Press treatment of Harry and Meghan is "evil", Olivia Colman says

Ages ago