Ex-Tory candidate calls James O'Brien over being dropped following "lewd" photo

25 February 2020, 11:16 | Updated: 25 February 2020, 11:41

After LBC uncovered a video of a Conservative MP exposing himself in front of a group of women, James O'Brien received a remarkable call from a former candidate who experienced something very similar - and it changed a lot of people's view on the story.

Conservative MP James Grundy is facing calls to resign after LBC uncovered the video of him exposing himself in a local pub in what is now his constituency.

In the video, revealed by LBC, Mr Grundy can be seen standing in front of the camera and dropping his trousers. The voice of a young woman can be heard instructing him to lift his shirt to reveal his genitals, which he does.

Mr Grundy has apologised for his actions and, commenting on the video, some of his constituents told LBC that the MP should step down.

But James's call from Liam in Horsham made many listeners reassess their view on the topic.

He was standing to be the Conservative MP for Stoke-on-Trent in 2010 when a newspaper published an image of him with his face buried in the bosom of a friend.

He was dropped by the Conservative Party and that effectively ended his political career before it began.

But speaking to James, he revealed the pain the story caused him and just how it affected his life.

James heard from Liam in Horsham, who got a Ray Liotta
James heard from Liam in Horsham, who got a Ray Liotta. Picture: LBC

He revealed he is a gay man, stating: "If there is a sexual context to it, then that gives it a different dimension. For myself, it was two friends messing around. I'd forgotten about the photo if I was very honest.

"My world fell apart at the time. I was so embarrassed, I was shocked. It started a long chain of depression.

"One thing that frustrates me is that for the person who published the story, it was a five-second story for them on a Sunday. I was a person who wasn't going to win in the seat, but might have wanted to go on to do greater things.

"This had a huge impact on my life."

Watch his full, moving call at the top of the page.