21-Year-Old Factory Worker Perfectly Explains How The Sun And Mail Skew Opinions

6 September 2019, 14:45

This 21-year-old factory worker explained to James O'Brien how the right-wing press influence opinions across his workplace - and listeners LOVED him.

Henry revealed that he works on a production line and is one of the only people in his work who doesn't read either The Sun or The Daily Mail.

And he explained how

"The biggest issue in this country is the media. This week with Boris's absolutely shambolic week, a couple of people have spoken to me about it. And I don't say what I actually think because they just call you an idiot.

"The right-wing media and all the lies spread on a daily basis are louder than the truth.

"Every single day, there will be another lie like the Corbyn chicken one."

Listeners loved Henry's call on the effect of the right-wing press
Listeners loved Henry's call on the effect of the right-wing press. Picture: PA / LBC

James asked exactly how those opinions are formed and Henry said: "Every day, they pick up The Sun or the Daily Mail and then every day, a bit more of a concrete foundation for their views is laid every time they read another lie.

"I think we're approaching a stage with 'Boris Johnson's lying and we love it' with how it was with Donald Trump's campaign where he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single vote."

Henry's explanation really chimed with a lot of James's listeners.

Watch Henry's full call with James O'Brien at the top of the page.