James O'Brien caller's pro-Boris argument falls apart very, very quickly

20 April 2020, 12:22

By Adrian Sherling

This caller phoned James O'Brien to defend Boris Johnson over the controversial Sunday Times article about him - but his argument fell apart spectacularly quickly.

The Sunday Times wrote of the "38 days in which the UK sleepwalked into a disaster", claiming that the Prime Minister had failed to attend five COBRA meetings about the coronavirus pandemic.

John in Guildford called up to defend Mr Johnson, but by the end of the two-and-a-half-minute call, he was labelled a "second-rate Donald Trump tribute act".

James O'Brien's caller tried to defend Boris Johnson, but it didn't go very well
James O'Brien's caller tried to defend Boris Johnson, but it didn't go very well. Picture: PA / LBC

John said: "I think this is a great big media blow-up. Do you honestly think that Churchill would have spent his time during the war at COBRA meetings?

"He had better things to do. He was running the country. He was running the war."

But James told him: "But Boris Johnson was on holiday."

John kept asking how James knew and wouldn't accept that it wasn't a disputed fact.

James ended up telling him: "You've come on the radio to say that Churchill was far too busy leading the war effort to attend COBRA meetings.

"I've pointed out that Boris Johnson was on holiday and you've, with respect, fallen apart a bit."

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Things descended even further from there and John attacked the media for making a fuss about nothing.

Hear the full, entertaining call at the top of the page.