Police Attempt To Get Gaggle Of Geese Off The Road In Comical Video

4 January 2018, 15:42

Two police officers could not contain their laughter as they attempted to clear the road of a gaggle of geese while out on patrol.

PC Saif Khan was out with a female colleague on Tuesday in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, when the pair were confronted by a 10-strong gang of birds.

The officer could be seen attempting to disperse the geese, but instantly retreats to the vehicle when they stand their ground.

“They can be nasty little beggars,” she warned as PC Khan waved his baton in a bid to move on the animals.

The comical clip has been viewed more than 68,000 times after it was posted on Twitter.

Seeing the funny side, PC Saif Khan tweeted: “A gang in Sowerby Bridge wanting to cause bother”.