Latest News On Terrorism

The UK's national terror threat level has been reduced

UK terror level reduced from severe to substantial but attacks are still 'likely'

3 months ago

The Liverpool bomber's asylum claim was dismissed more than six years before he tried to carry out the attack

Liverpool suicide bomber lied to stay in UK six years before attack

4 months ago

Al Jayoosi was given a suspended jail term

Man who wore t-shirts with terror group logos on given suspended jail term

5 months ago

Emad Al Swealmeen, who was born in Iraq, was behind the Liverpool Poppy Day explosion.

Christian convert receives death threat following Liverpool Poppy Day attack

6 months ago

AC Jukes warned the public to be vigilant now lockdown is over and the Christmas festivities have started

Britain's top terror cop issues Christmas warning over 'lone wolf' attacks

6 months ago

Priti Patel said Emad Al Swealmeen was able to exploit Britain's asylum system

Liverpool bomber 'exploited' asylum loophole to stay in UK - Home Sec

6 months ago