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Boris Johnson is to unveil policies and make sackings in a bid to save his job

'Save Big Dog': Boris 'to launch blitz of sackings and populist policies' to keep job

9 hours ago

Boris Johnson has reportedly launched "Operation Save Big Dog"

Boris 'launches Operation Save Big Dog and will scrap Plan B' as he bids to stay in No10

1 day ago

Boris Johnson has cancelled a trip to a vaccine centre

Beleaguered Boris cancels trip to vaccine centre after family member catches Covid

3 days ago

Boris Johnson said he though the No10 do was a work event

'I know the rage they feel': Boris Johnson's full statement over partygate

4 days ago

Boris Johnson has apologised over partygate but will not resign

'It was a work event': Boris sorry for attending No10 lockdown party but won't resign

4 days ago

James O'Brien said the Prime Minister's regime reminded him of a video game.

James O'Brien's powerful analogy of Boris 'sucking the souls' of those closest to him

5 days ago

DUP MP Jim Shannon wept as he talked about the death of his mother-in-law

MPs weep in partygate debate as Boris faces fury for ducking showdown

5 days ago

Boris Johnson has apologised over missing messages about the No11 refurb

'It's a tip': Boris 'sorry' as missing messages emerge over Downing Street flat refurb

10 days ago

The PM compared the Colston statue toppling to someone editing their Wikipedia entry

Colston statue: 'You can't edit history like your Wikipedia entry', Boris Johnson says

10 days ago

Boris Johnson will face off against Angela Rayner

Boris Johnson tells MPs Plan B to remain in force

11 days ago

Boris Johnson warned of weeks of pressure on the NHS

Pressure on NHS will be 'considerable' but Plan B measures are all we need, PM says

13 days ago

Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson in Downing Street earlier this month.

Further blow for PM as poll suggests Sunak would do better in election

19 days ago

Rachel Johnson said the PM insisted they only meet under Covid rules

Rachel Johnson: 'Boris always insisted we followed Covid rules when we met'

22 days ago

Boris Johnson confirmed no more Covid rules before Christmas

'Go ahead with your plans': Boris Johnson confirms no new Covid restrictions for Christmas

26 days ago

Boris Johnson has urged people to get boosted, and declined to introduce new measures

No new Covid rules but PM warns 'we won't hesitate to take action to protect public'

27 days ago

Boris Johnson, pictured on Friday, is under renewed pressure after a photo emerged of him and his wife in the Downing Street garden with up to 17 staff allegedly during the first national lockdown.

Fresh pressure on Johnson as PM pictured at Downing St garden 'gathering during lockdown'

27 days ago