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Ukip Founder Announces New Political Party, But Won't Let Farage In

6 days ago

Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten

Nigel Farage Is On A Mission To Destroy Ukip: Gerard Batten

6 days ago

UKIP leader Gerard Batten accuses Nigel Farage of 'sour grapes' for quitting party

8 days ago


Nigel Farage announces he is quitting UKIP

10 days ago



Nigel Farage Quits Ukip Over Tommy Robinson Appointment

10 days ago

Suzanne Evans called for Nigel Farage to join her in quitting the party

Suzanne Evans Calls On Nigel Farage To Join Her And Quit Ukip

11 days ago

Nigel Farage, Ian Payne, and Gerard Batten

Gerard Batten "Not Leadership Material" Says Former Ukip Spokesperson

12 days ago