Young Labour and Brexit Party activists explosively clash over leaving EU

26 November 2019, 11:12

Two activists disagreed on Brexit in a Youth Debate hosted by Iain Dale.

Darcy Iveson-Berkeley, a Brexit Party activist, said: "With regards to Brexit, there's no such thing as a hard Brexiteer or a soft Brexiteer in my opinion.

It was invented by the Remain Alliance. Leaving the European Union means leaving the European Union."

Chloe White, who supports Labour, responded: "With no deal? What is that going to do to people?"

She added: "That is going to cost 2.7 per cent of GDP."

Iain Dale asked Chloe: "How can you have somebody who wants to be prime minister sugge

Young Labour and Brexit Party activists ferociously clash over leaving EU
Young Labour and Brexit Party activists ferociously clash over leaving EU. Picture: LBC

sting a referendum on which they won't express a view? The electorate regard that as ludicrous."

She replied: "I think he's taking a pragmatic decision and that's what politics needs right now.

"We've got Boris Johnson, who's peddling some sort of odd disaster capitalism, which is going to hurt working families in this country.

"Or we've got Jeremy Corbyn, who's saying to people the country has been split, it's divided. We've got huge rising levels of hate crime, people are deeply unhappy.

Okay, let's organise and sort out a deal with the EU that is fair, that protects workers rights, which protects he environment."

Aleisha Stansfield, a Liberal Democrat activist, intervened in the debate.

She said: "We do, of course, have Jo Swinson who says stop Brexit and use the £50bn."

This clash was part LBC Election Youth Debate. All activists were 21 or under.

You can watch it in full here.