Brexit Leaves Britain's Economy "Exposed", Says Naked Campaigner

10 February 2019, 17:04 | Updated: 10 February 2019, 17:11

An economics fellow and anti-Brexit campaigner explains to Ayesha Hazarika why leaving the European Union leaves Britain "naked".

Dr Victoria Bateman believes that Brexit will have a detrimental affect on Britain, naming three

She told Ayesha Hazarika that leaving the bloc will leave Britain's economy "exposed" at a time of deglobalisation, and the process of leaving has began to 'expose failures' in government policy.

"Brexit leaves bare a number of worrying anti-immigration and nationalistic sentiments which have been brought to the surface, we've put fuel on the fire of those quite dangerous sentiments," she said.

"Brexit has exposed failures of government policy in the past, failures that have left too many people feeling that they have nothing to lose from Brexit because they have nothing at all."

Dr Victoria Bateman believes "Brexit leaves Britain naked"
Dr Victoria Bateman believes "Brexit leaves Britain naked". Picture: LBC

After admitting to feeling a little distracted, Ayesha asked the lecturer how she felt about the argument that remaining in the European Union would undermine democracy.

Dr Bateman replied: "Leading Brexiteers sold Brexit voters the emperors new clothes.

"Brexit turned out to be whatever you wanted to be, so what it was a vote on was the current situation versus anything else you could possibly imagine Brexit to be.

"Brexit promised that Britain would become more global and to others it promised a world in which we could batten down the hatches and become more inward looking and self focussed.

"Brexit promised all things to all people, and what's happening now is that all of this is filtering down so that we can see what Brexit will actually look like.

"So I think it's time to go back to the people once we do know what the Brexit deal will look like and give people a chance to vote on whether they still want to leave the European Union."

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