Criminal Defence Solicitor Explains Boris Johnson's Allegations To Nigel Farage

30 September 2019, 21:42

"There are many reasons victims don't come forward," a criminal defence solicitor tells Nigel Farage after Boris Johnson's sexual assault allegations were called timely.

Grahame from Aylesbury said: "If Boris Johnson is going to have fairness then not guilty until proven is the key part in the respect of any allegation of impropriety or sexual assault.

"In terms of if they are found, then somebody in the Prime Minister's position, or in fact any member of Parliament, should be beyond reproach.

"I think we have to avoid a trial by media for impropriety and the assault.

"There are many reasons, in respect of the assault, why victims don't come forward in the instance, but it's wrong to judge that person as to why they've come forward at this particular time."

Nigel said: "The timing is very interesting, Grahame, isn't it?"

Boris Johnson should not experience a trial by media, said the caller
Boris Johnson should not experience a trial by media, said the caller. Picture: PA

"Well again, as a person who's looked at cases of sexual assault in the past, there are many and multiple reasons why victims don't come forward."

Nigel insisted it was very unfortunate timing, being the first day of the Conservative Party conference. The caller revealed he'd been a police officer and a criminal defence solicitor and emphasised his previous point.

Nigel asked if touching someone on the thigh constitutes as sexual assault.

"If it is an unwanted or unconsented touch on the thigh, and it was sexual in nature, then I would say that would appear to be a sexual assault," said Grahame.

"How on Earth does a court work this stuff out?" asked Nigel.

"Well the courts are well-versed in looking at cases and they are good decision makers in respect of what is deemed to be evidential or not, and whether the person is guilty or not. Bear in mind that the investigation has got to run its course first and then the evidence have got to be presented."

Grahame reiterated that all investigations must run their course and there should not be a trial by media.

If the allegations are true, Grahame said "The PM's really got to consider his position."

"It doesn't matter whether this was an assault yesterday or twenty years ago, if an investigation finds that a person has done such an offence, then really they shouldn't be in an office such as the Prime Minister's opinion."