David Gauke To Quit Government On Wednesday If Boris Johnson Wins Leadership Race

21 July 2019, 07:29 | Updated: 21 July 2019, 12:21

Boris Johnson and David Gauke
Boris Johnson and David Gauke. Picture: Getty

Justice Secretary David Gauke says he will quit the government on Wednesday if Boris Johnson wins the Conservative Party leadership contest.

Mr Gauke, who has served in Theresa May's Cabinet since she took office in June 2016, said he would not be able to serve under the former Foreign Secretary if he pursues a no-deal Brexit.

Voting in the Tory leadership race ends on Monday, with the result to be announced on Tuesday.

The Justice Secretary said: "If the test of loyalty to stay in the Cabinet is a commitment to support no-deal on October 31st - which, to be fair to him, Boris has consistently said - then that's not something I'm prepared to sign up to.

"I recognise that this spell in government is coming to an end.

"Given that I've been in the Cabinet since Theresa May came to power, i think the appropriate thing is for me to resign to her."

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