Drone footage shows moment suspected bank burglars are found 'hiding' on roof

14 August 2021, 19:09

By Will Taylor

Drone footage shows the moment three suspected bank burglars apparently hiding on a roof were arrested by police.

Officers were dispatched after an intruder alarm went off at a Santander branch in Mansfield early on Saturday morning.

They searched the bank but found nobody inside. However, a Nottinghamshire Police drone flying overhead spotted three people seemingly hiding on the roof.

It used a thermal camera to guide officers on the ground to the three people and their arrests were caught on footage released by the force.

Two men aged 25 and 40 and a 31-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of burglary.

It is not yet clear if anything was stolen and an investigation into what happened has been started.

Detective Sergeant Lauren Morgan said: "Officers did a fantastic job to quickly arrive at the scene and make three arrests thanks to the support from the force's drones team and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Footage shows people clambering on the bank roof
Footage shows people clambering on the bank roof. Picture: Alamy

"This is a great example of how multiple departments from the force can work together to achieve good results and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the arrests last night.

"Their quick actions may have prevented items being stolen from within the bank and we are pleased to have three people in custody as part of our enquiries into this incident."

Thermal camera footage shows a hot patch on the roof, which later breaks up as the people disperse.

An officer is seen clambering on the roof and some of the figures begin to crawl over the building and down to the ground.

DS Morgan added: "Burglary can have a devastating impact on businesses and we will always thoroughly investigate reports with the view to taking action against anyone who commits such an offence.

"We work closely with businesses in order to provide preventative advice on how best to protect their premises and I would recommend anyone who runs a business takes a look at our crime prevention advice on the force website."