Jeremy Corbyn calls his neutral Brexit stance 'a sign of strength'

23 November 2019, 13:39 | Updated: 23 November 2019, 13:46

Jeremy Corbyn made the comments on a campaign visit to Sheffield
Jeremy Corbyn made the comments on a campaign visit to Sheffield. Picture: PA

The Labour leader has defended his decision to adopt a neutral stance on Brexit and refusal to say if he would back remain or leave in another referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn has called his stance "a sign of strength" and "maturity".

Speaking on a campaign visit to Sheffield on Saturday, Mr Corbyn said: "I think being an honest broker and listening to everyone is actually a sign of strength and a sign of maturity.

"Our country has to come together, we can't go on forever being divided by how people voted in 2016.

He continued: "My role as the Labour prime minister would be to ensure that another referendum is carried out in a fair way, that the offers put are fair, and that I will carry out the result of that referendum.

"I think this is actually a sensible way forward that can bring people together."

On Friday night, the Labour leader said in a Question Time leaders special that he would act as an "honest broker" of his party wins power on December 12.

Boris Johnson has criticised Mr Corbyn's stance
Boris Johnson has criticised Mr Corbyn's stance. Picture: PA

Jeremy Corbyn said that he believed this was the most "sensible way forward".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson questioned his decision and said he could not be "indifferent" on such a crucial issue.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson accused the move of being an "absence of leadership".

However, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the Labour leader's stance "won't wash" with the electorate.

"He has actively decided to be indecisive on the biggest issue of the day. It won't wash with voters," he said.

"I think it is an absolute disaster. You can't ask this country to be its prime minister while not having a view on the biggest issue of the day."

Mr Corbyn has promised a new Brexit deal with the EU and a second referendum with this new deal if he becomes Prime Minister.

On Friday, he confirmed that he would maintain a neutral stance in this referendum and carry out whatever result is chosen.