Nicky Morgan Rules Out A Brexit Party Election Pact

14 September 2019, 09:33

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said "there is no intention, no possibility" of a pact with the Brexit Party.

The frontbencher told LBC presenter Andrew Castle that anybody who votes for the Brexit Party, is risking "letting Jeremy Corbyn into power."

An electoral pact with the Brexit Party would see the party stand aside for some Conservative Party candidates if a No Deal Brexit could promised by the end of the month.

But Nicky Morgan insists that this is not the intention of the Conservative Party.

Nicky Morgan Rejects Brexit Party Pact Idea
Nicky Morgan Rejects Brexit Party Pact Idea. Picture: PA

When asked by Andrew how much confidence voters can have in Boris Johnson as leader of the country, Morgan said: "He has shown determination, an approach to the country in terms of wanting to solve the problems we face, having an active and vigorous domestic agenda.

"And I fully support him in that."