Heart-stopping moment paraglider narrowly avoids death 'one second' before crashing into ground

2 August 2022, 11:16

Kevin Philipp posted footage of the terrifying incident online
Kevin Philipp posted footage of the terrifying incident online. Picture: Instagram

By Asher McShane

This is the terrifying moment a paraglider plummets towards the ground after getting tangled up in wires before managing to deploy a backup chute with 'one second' to spare before he hits the ground.

Kevin Philipp posted the heart-stopping clip online, which shows him narrowly escaping what would have likely been a fatal fall.

The video, which was posted online yesterday, shows the acrobatic paraglider getting into difficulty during a descent.

He becomes tangled up in his lines and then his rescue parachute did not deploy correctly.

The footage shows the paraglider quickly becoming tangled up first in his wing, then tangled in cables in high winds.

After a struggle he manages to deploy his emergency parachute with a second to spare before he would have hit the ground, crash-landing and shouting “oh my god” in the dramatic clip.

Mr Philipp explained: “Acro paragliding trick in strong turbulence went wrong.

“Break line got stuck. Falling into the lines and wing made the rescue parachute throw quite hard.

“The falling speed increased a lot due to the twisting wing. Very last chance was to manually open the rescue package.

“Estimated time left about 1 second

“This was not the day to die! Thanks!!!

“In acro paragliding we face a lot of tries and errors in learning the tricks. With 2-3 rescue parachutes and a lot of height we can safely train this kind of sport. This occasion is quite unlucky and rare. Just to keep in mind. Fly high, land safe”

One viewer posted: “This is what fighting for your life looks like. Glad you won!”

Mr Philipp replied: “Was a hell of a fight!”

Red Bull Adventure commented on the clip, writing: "Holy save 😫 very well done 👏"