Woman rejected for job after 'fantastic' interview 'because of strong Welsh accent'

22 March 2022, 22:35

A woman claims she has been rejected for a job after a "fantastic" interview because of her Welsh accent (stock photo)
A woman claims she has been rejected for a job after a "fantastic" interview because of her Welsh accent (stock photo). Picture: Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

A woman has claimed she was turned down for a job because she had a Welsh accent.

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Ellie shared a screenshot of the rejection email on Twitter, writing: "First time I’ve ever been told I’ve got a strong Welsh accent, so I suppose that’s a win?"

The email thanked the 22-year-old for for applying for the role and attending the interview "at short notice".

"We thought you were fantastic, and performed very well throughout," it read.

"Your skill set would reflect well in the role.

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"I'm sorry to say, however, that we have decided not to proceed with your application.

"It was decided that your strong Welsh accent, accompanied by your regional activities, would not suit the office environment."

Social media users have pointed out the absurdity of the response.

One Twitter user wrote: "'Regional activities' - do they think you're going to break into Land Of My Fathers at the drop of a hat or something? Madness."

"Which of your regional activities particularly would not suit the office environment?" Queried another.

"Would you be rock climbing up the filing cabinets?

"Singing in team meetings?

"Paddle boarding between desks?"

Other social media users have offered to help, with one offering an entire team of lawyers to look into the case for her.

Another employment lawyer wrote: "This is horrible and definitely discrimination under the Equality Act. If you want [to] have a chat DM me."