Angry husband beheads wife after stabbing her 15 times for taking too long to make him a cup of tea

20 December 2023, 16:44 | Updated: 20 December 2023, 16:48

A woman holding a metal cup of masala chai
A woman holding a metal cup of masala chai. Picture: Alamy

By Christian Oliver

An irate husband has allegedly beheaded his wife for taking too long to make his morning cup of tea.

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The suspect, who was only named as Dharamveer, allegedly attacked his wife Sundari with a sword before slicing her head off at their home in Faljagadh, a small village in the capital Delhi in Uttar Pradesh state, The Times of India reported.

Told by Sundari, 50, that his morning cup of tea would take some time after asking for the morning beverage twice, Dharamveer exploded into a violent rage.

Dharamveer, reported to be a 52-year-old daily wage worker, then stabbed his wife from behind some 15 times, local media said.

The couple's four children had been sleeping in the room next door when their father started lambasting their mother over the delayed tea.

They then tried to save their stricken mother when Dharamveer began attacking her with the weapon

But threatened by their sword-wielding father, Indian media reported, the children were unable to prevent the heinous murder.

File image of a street in Uttar Pradesh state, where the attack took place
File image of a street in Uttar Pradesh state, where the attack took place. Picture: Alamy

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Police Superintendent Vivek Yadav told The Times of India that Sundari had awoken at around 6am and began making the tea. He said the husband woke a few minutes later and called out for his morning brew.

A few minutes later the father again called for his tea, Yadav said, and was told it would take another 10 minutes.

At this point he exploded into an irate rage and went downstairs to collect his sword.

As Sundari attended to the tea on the stove, Dharamveer hacked at her from behind.

"Jolted out of sleep by her cries, the children rushed to the terrace and tried to save their mother," the police chief told The Times of India. "But Dharamveer swished the sword at them too. They went back to their room in fear."

The mother fell to the ground and Dharamveer beheaded her, the police chief said.

The couple's son Soldier said his father would often pick fights with their mother over tea. But while he shouted at her often, Soldier said he had never witnessed his father being violent with Sundari.

"We were in shock when we saw her body on the terrace, blood trickling out of the wounds," Soldier told the publication.

Dharamveer was found crying by the body where he was arrested by police.

He remains in judicial custody. The body has since been sent for autopsy.