Husband describes being reunited with wife after near-fatal Covid recovery

23 March 2021, 14:04 | Updated: 23 March 2021, 16:09

Arthur and his wife Gina spoke about his recovery from Covid
Arthur and his wife Gina spoke about his recovery from Covid. Picture: PA

By Chris Chambers

An 85 year old man who expected to die from Covid-19 has thanked the NHS workers who saved his life.

Arthur Jacobs, from the Wirral, was rushed into hospital and was not expected to survive beyond 24 hours. He even phoned his wife, Gina, to say goodbye.

Arthur told LBC News: "None of the doctors expected me to pull through. I was out of it for weeks. I didn't realise I'd been unconscious for almost a fortnight.

"All I remember was seeing my wife and waving her off."

Arthur's wife, Gina, said: "I can only describe it as a walk through hell.

"He was so so desperately ill.

"I actually got a call saying I could go up to the Covid ward because they didn't expect him to last the night.

"I never thought I’d see Arthur again.

"I phoned Arthur and he said I can't talk, I'm so weak, I'm not going to make this.”

Arthur began to improve thanks to his care at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral.

Gina added: "As he recovered he phoned me up, I was still feeling pretty weak. He said if you can make it through the park, I'll stand at the window and wave.

"I borrowed his little pusher and I walked through the park. To see Arthur at that window waving, God it was fantastic. There he was waving. I was thinking which window is he, and I suddenly spotted him.

"I couldn't ever, ever, ever have an experience like that.”

As Arthur left hospital, he was greeted by a guard of honour from staff at the hospital.

He said: "Going past every ward, the nurses and doctors were all standing there and they gave me a big salute, a big cheer. It was fantastic.

"They never gave up.

"We could never thank them enough.

"Everything I am today, it's all due to them."