Protests Begin After School Enforces Gender Neutral Uniform

6 September 2019, 17:01

Protests Over Gender Neutral Uniform
Protests Over Gender Neutral Uniform. Picture: PA

Around 150 parents and pupils of Priory School in Lewes are protesting over the enforcement of gender neutral uniforms.

The school in East Sussex made trousers compulsory for all students after “concerns” about the length of girls’ skirts.

Some protesters said pupils deserve to have the choice to wear skirts, and others argue the new rule means clothes will be wasted.

One student, Libby Murray, said that throwing away uniform was not sustainable and would contribute to the climate change crisis.

After the blanket ban was brought in on Friday, another pupil, Nina Cullen, was refused entry when she wore a skirt to school. She said she did not “see the point in wasting money.”

In a statement on Twitter the school asked for support from parents and said, “we can now only accept navy blue Priory jumper, navy blue Priory polo shirt and grey trousers… If students are not wearing the correct uniform they will be asked to return home.”

Some protesters have pointed out that the way to make the uniform gender neutral would be to let everyone choose between skirts and trousers.