Sunak 'appalled' by officer's threat to arrest Jewish man at pro-Palestine rally as calls mount for Met boss to quit

21 April 2024, 15:14 | Updated: 21 April 2024, 16:10

Downing Street has failed to back the boss of the Metropolitan Po
Downing Street has failed to back the boss of the Metropolitan Police. Picture: Getty Images

By Flaminia Luck

The Prime Minister has slammed the Metropolitan Police's threat to arrest a Jewish man at a pro-Palestine rally - saying he is “appalled” at the incident which was filmed and shared online.

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Downing Street has failed to back the boss of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley, amid growing calls for him to resign from prominent politicians, The Telegraph reports.

Gideon Falter, who was wearing a kippah skullcap and carrying a bag with his prayer shawl, was told by a Met Police sergeant his presence at the pro-Palestine rally in London could inflame tensions.

In the exchange, the officer can be heard saying to him: “You are quite openly Jewish. This is a pro-Palestinian march. I am not accusing you of anything but I am worried about the reaction to your presence.”

The force later apologised describing the comments “hugely regrettable”.

Shocking moment Met police officer threatens to arrest man for being 'quite openly Jewish' at pro-Palestine march

Sir Mark's future is under question after Downing Street indicated his job will depend on his explanation of the incident in talks with Home Secretary, James Cleverly.

Sunak reportedly expects the Met boss to “account for” what happened, a government source said.

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The former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has led calls for Sir Mark to be sacked.

Her intervention came after Mr Falter called for Sir Mark to resign.


Speaking to LBC on Saturday night, Mr Falter, who is chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), said Mr Rowley had six months "to get this right" but he "hasn't done that".

"Instead we're seeing that what it seems is that the rights of law-abiding Jewish Londoners walking around the streets are being curtailed in favour of lawless mobs who the Met seems to want to appease," he said.

He added the Met has been "gaslighting" the Jewish community for months by saying the marches are "largely safe and peaceful".

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Gideon Falter is Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism
Gideon Falter is Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism. Picture: Alamy

Oliver Dowden also suggested the incident was “disrepecting” Jewish people.

“The police have a hugely difficult job and we should all acknowledge that - but it is hard to think of any other minority that would be treated as disrespectfully as Jews seem to be.

Jews deserve solidarity not indifference from London’s Mayor. He should be ensuring fundamental British values of decency, tolerance and respect are championed, cherished and protected in our capital city," he told The Telegraph.

Claire Coutinho, the Energy Secretary, said the force's behaviour was “completely wrong” saying the situation for Jewish people in London is not “sustainable”.

She said it is right that “action is taken” following the incident and aslo failed to endorse Sir Mark.

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Oliver Dowden
Oliver Dowden suggested the incident was “disrepecting” Jewish people. Picture: Getty