Fresh London injunction against eco mob over fears for drivers' safety if roads get blocked

4 November 2021, 20:19 | Updated: 4 November 2021, 20:47

Transport for London has secured a second injunction against the eco protesters.
Transport for London has secured a second injunction against the eco protesters. Picture: Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

Transport for London (TfL) has been granted a second injunction against eco protesters as they continue to wreak havoc on London roads.

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Some 20 roads and bridges across the capital are covered by the injunction, as efforts to crack down on Insulate Britain activists continue.

Areas affected include: Lambeth Bridge, Hogarth Roundabout, Marble Arch, Rotherhithe Tunnel, Beckton Roundabout, Gants Hill Roundabout and Brixton.

The decision was made in the listed areas primarily due to a higher risk of traffic incidents if vehicles were forced to back up on busy A roads close to each location. For example, the A13 near Beckton.

Marble Arch also serves as a tourist attraction, seeing "over 30,000 bus passengers per day and 2,500 cyclists."

When protests occur there, "the inner ring road locks up, impacting the A4, A501, A40 and the Victoria Bus and Coach stations", a court document read.

Alongside high traffic volumes and speed, the close proximity of hospitals was also considered, with Lambeth Bridge being close to St Thomas’ Hospital, which needs reliable access for ambulances.

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The injunction comes following Insulate Britain's latest demonstration at Parliament, which saw 59 arrests.

Members of the group glued themselves to the ground in the middle of the busy road, bringing traffic to a halt outside the Commons.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Thursday morning it was "completely unacceptable" for MPs to be prevented from reaching the chamber.

"So far, following my requirement that National Highways seek injunctions against these protesters, 475 injunctions have been served to protesters at their homes for contempt of court," he said

"Thirty-two are due to be coming to court, nine of which are coming later this month."

It comes after Mr Shapps confirmed that a nationwide injunction for motorways and major A roads had been granted by the High Court.

Those who breach the injunction will be in contempt of court and at risk of imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine, the Government said.