Britain battles to keep the lights on: People paid to use washing machines overnight amid winter blackout warning

6 October 2022, 14:05 | Updated: 6 October 2022, 16:39

People are being told to use more energy later at night to avoid the prospect of blackouts
People are being told to use more energy later at night to avoid the prospect of blackouts. Picture: Getty

By Asher McShane

Households in Britain could lose power for up to three hours at a time this winter if gas supplies run extremely low, the National Grid has warned.

People are being encouraged to help avoid blackouts, "save money and back Britain" by using more energy during off-peak times, for example doing the laundry late at night.

In what it called an "unlikely" scenario, the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) said that households and businesses might face planned three-hour outages to ensure that the grid does not collapse.

The lights will stay on this winter unless the gas-fired power plants that produced 43% of Britain's electricity over the last year cannot get enough gas to continue operating.

It is the most dire of three possible scenarios that the ESO laid out on Thursday for how Britain's electricity grid might cope with the worst global energy crisis for decades.

The worst-case scenario involves Russia deciding to shut off gas supplies to Europe, combined with a particularly cold winter.

In the other two scenarios, it is hoped that with the use of schemes like paying people to charge their electric cars at off-peak times and firing up backup coal plants, the risk of blackouts can be offset.

The margins between peak demand and power supply are expected to be sufficient this winter, and similar to recent years in the National Grid Electricity System Operator's (ESO) base case scenario.

But in the face of the "challenging" winter facing European energy supplies following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the grid operator is also planning for what would happen if there were no imports of electricity from Europe.

To tackle a loss of imports from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, there are two gigawatts of coal-fired power plants on stand-by to fire up if needed to meet demand.

National Grid Gas Transmission separately said that while gas demand will increase this winter, it expects Britain to be able to get enough gas to take it through a Beast from the East scenario or a long, cold winter.

The Lib Dems called for Liz Truss to convene COBRA to work out plans for dealing with blackouts.

Leader Ed Davey said: "Too much time has already been wasted by the Conservative Government in failing to protect Britain from blackout misery and even higher prices this winter.

“Liz Truss must convene COBRA immediately and spell out her plan for our country. 

"We need stronger leadership from this new Prime Minister. The political squabbles in her divided Conservative party must stop getting in the way of governing Britain. 

"A failure to act now could see millions plunged into rolling blackouts whilst petrol and heating oil prices spiral even further out of control.

“We need real action from this Government, including a clear plan to boost energy supplies and secure the necessary energy resources."

People are being encouraged to sign up with their electricity supplier to a scheme which will give them money back on their bills to shift their use of power away from times of high demand to help prevent blackouts.

Households tend to consume a fifth of their daily energy between 4pm and 7pm, according to data from Ovo Energy. The supplier on Thursday said its customers could save £100 if they signed up to use energy at off-peak times.

In addition, larger businesses will be paid for reducing demand, for example by shifting their times of energy use or switching to batteries or generators in peak times.

Truss rules out Energy Rationing

In LBC hustings before becoming Prime Minister Liz Truss explicitly ruled out energy rationing this winter.

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The "demand flexibility service" will run from November to March, and it is expected to swing into action 12 times whatever happens to ensure people get rewarded for being part of the scheme - with additional use if needed to protect supplies.

It is hoped it will deliver 2GW of power savings to balance supply and demand.

The ESO's director of corporate affairs, Jake Rigg, said: "The demand flexibility service is a first of its kind and a smart way for signed-up consumers in homes and businesses to save money and back Britain.

"If you put your washing machine or other electrical appliances on at night instead of the peak in the early evening, you can get some money back when we all need it.

"The service is due to launch in November, so watch out for further details soon. This really is a window into the future where a flexible energy system will be cleaner and lower cost to alternatives."

Without the scheme, there might be days when it was cold and still - creating high demand and low levels of wind power - when there would be a potential need to interrupt supply to some customers for limited periods, National Grid ESO's winter outlook said.

The ESO also warned that if there is not enough gas to keep the country's power stations going in January it could force distributors to cut off electricity to households and businesses for three-hour blocks during the day.

"In the unlikely event we were in this situation, it would mean that some customers could be without power for pre-defined periods during a day - generally this is assumed to be for three-hour blocks," the ESO said.

It said the number of people left without electricity would depend on how many gas power stations would be forced to shut down because there is not enough gas.

While the ESO does not see any "material reduction of consumer demand due to high energy prices," households are expected to slash their gas use, according to National Grid Gas Transmission.

Gas power plants are expected to use around a fifth (22%) more gas this winter, according to the outlook from the Gas Transmission arm of National Grid.

This is because there will probably be less electricity imported from France, Belgium and the Netherlands over the cold months.

Some of the extra electricity generated by burning gas in the UK will be exported to mainland Europe to help keep the lights on there.

The gas operator set out several scenarios, including one where the winter is so cold it pushes demand to similar levels as in the winter of 2010.

If this happens Britain will need to start importing gas from storage sites in mainland Europe at high prices.

If another Beast from the East hits the UK will need to tap into its own gas storage sites.

If the cold snap happens early in the winter when storage sites are still relatively full they can supply all of the extra gas needed.

But if it happens later in winter when storage levels are low the UK will need to import more gas from the continent.

Responding to the winter outlook, a Government spokesperson said: "The UK has a secure and diverse energy system.

"To strengthen this position further, we have put plans in place to secure supply and National Grid, working alongside energy suppliers and Ofgem, will launch a voluntary service to reward users who reduce demand at peak times."

The spokesperson said Britain is not dependent on Russian energy imports, and has access to North Sea gas reserves, imports from Norway, and via ports which can handle liquefied natural gas, as well as clean energy sources.

Energy regulator Ofgem said: "We have one of the most reliable energy systems in the world and we are in a favourable position.

"However, it is incumbent on a responsible and prudent energy sector to ensure the right contingency measures are in place."

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