'Three killed and six injured' after knifeman launches rampage in German city

25 June 2021, 18:21 | Updated: 25 June 2021, 20:30

Footage shared on social media has shown an attacker
Footage shared on social media has shown an attacker. Picture: Social media

By Kate Buck

Three people have been killed and six injured after a knifeman launched an "unbelievable brutal" attack in a city in Germany.

A 24-year-old has been arrested at the scene in Würzberg and police say there is no more further danger.

Witnesses claim he shouted "Allahu Akbar" before the incident, German journalist Stefan Leifert reports.

The suspect was reportedly stopped after being shot in the leg, with police confirming they used firearms to subdue the as-yet unidentified assailant.

Bavaria's Interior Minister Herrmann said the assailant is a Somali citizen who has lived in Würzburg since 2015, and used "unbelievable brutality" in the attack.

He added he was known to authorities and had been in psychiatric treatment.

Footage shared on social media showed local people fighting back against the attacker with brooms and tables, before giving chase and forcing the suspect to flee.

The attacker was pictured in all brown clothing, wearing no shoes and brandishing a knife.

The attack is understood to have happened in Wërzburg's central Barbarossaplatz
The attack is understood to have happened in Würzburg's central Barbarossaplatz. Picture: Google

A tweet from local police said: "We are still on site with strong staff.

"The attacker was overwhelmed after the police used firearms. There are several injuries and also fatalities to mourn.

"There is no longer any danger! Further information follows."
Police said that there is no danger to the general population of the city of about 130,000 people in Bavaria, which is located between Munich and Frankfurt.

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