Vaccine sceptic who 'thought just the elderly got sick' dies after warning others from ICU

8 August 2021, 19:01 | Updated: 8 August 2021, 19:17

Removal firm boss Brian Lynch, who didn't get the Covid-19 vaccine, has died after being on a ventilator with the disease.
Removal firm boss Brian Lynch, who didn't get the Covid-19 vaccine, has died after spending more than three weeks in hospital. Picture: Facebook

By Sophie Barnett

A vaccine sceptic who warned others from his ICU bed that it was "the most frightened he had ever been" has died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Brian Lynch, 46, was admitted to Royal Blackburn Hospital on July 7 and spent more than three weeks in intensive care after contracting the virus.

The removal firm boss from Blackburn, who was unvaccinated, was later placed in a medically-induced coma, tragically dying on July 31 surrounded by his family.

In a Facebook post from July 7, Mr Lynch said: "Last week I wasn't feeling well and despite what I think about testing, Covid vaccines etc, I sent off for a PCR test more out of the interest of my family, friends and business customers. It came back positive."

Mr Lynch continued that he thought the vulnerable and elderly would be hospitalised, but not him.

"I found out the hard way," he explained.

"On Friday evening I was coughing badly that much I could not get my breath at all, my oxygen levels went down to 52% and I seriously thought i'm not gonna get my breath it's the most frightened i've ever been, I felt like I was gonna suffocate in my own body."

Brian Lynch, 46, has died after spending almost a month in ICU.
Brian Lynch, 46, has died after spending almost a month in ICU. Picture: Facebook

He told his friends on Facebook that he had been admitted to ICU and had been on a ventilator since he had arrived, explaining he was "trying to strengthen his lungs up".

He warned others on Facebook: "To anyone that may have similar sort of thoughts to this (as) what I had I just have to say this - I hope it doesn't get you."

He said he "thought he was on deaths door" but hoped to be out soon.

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A few days later on July 12 he wrote: "Well been awake since 4.45am, woke up coughing fit again, just managed to calm down after nearly an hour.

"This Covid cough really is brutal can't wait for it to dissipate. Can't catch ya breath with it, just takes all your energy."

Mr Lynch's friend Nicky Ashton had organised a pub fundraiser to help support him and his family when he got home, with more than £3,000 raised by people in the community.

Sadly, Mr Lynch passed away on July 31, with the pub fundraiser due to take place the following day.

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His family and friends went ahead with the fundraiser in Mr Lynch's memory.

Several devastating stories have emerged in recent weeks of anti-vaxxers who have died with Covid after refusing to take the vaccine, leading to powerful calls for people to get jabbed.

An intensive care doctor, who spoke to James O'Brien on LBC on Friday, told the harrowing tale of a 27-year-old patient with Covid who was unvaccinated and 29 weeks pregnant.

He said he could see the "terror and regret in her eyes" as we wheeled her down the corridor to intensive care.

Leslie Lawrenson, a 58-year-old solicitor, died at his home in Bournemouth on July 2 after he criticised vaccines as too "experimental" and refused to take one.

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His grieving stepdaughter has since called on trolls to leave her family alone after news broke of his death.