Watch again: Dominic Raab grilled by MPs over his handling of Afghanistan crisis

1 September 2021, 13:52 | Updated: 1 September 2021, 16:51

  • Raab says intelligence did not believe it was likely Kabul would fall this year
  • He repeatedly rejects criticism of his holiday but says with hindsight he would not have gone away
  • The Government began planning for an evacuation in June, he tells MPs
  • Afghan guards who worked at the UK embassy were not flown out of country because they "were not given permission to enter" the airport, Foreign Secretary says
  • He insists orders were given to destroy a portrait of the Queen feared to have been left behind at the embassy amid concerns of a "propaganda coup"
  • He accuses some MPs of "partisan" attacks as he is grilled in fiery session with Foreign Affairs Committee
  • When asked if has considered resigning, he says his is focussed on "getting on with job"

Dominic Raab grilled by MPs over 'biggest foreign policy failing in a generation' | Watch LIVE

By Will Taylor

Dominic Raab was grilled by MPs over the Afghanistan crisis.

The foreign secretary faced questions over the Taliban's takeover – with the militants seizing Kabul as he went on holiday to Crete.

Labour described it as the "biggest foreign policy failing in a generation", and claimed he had 18 months to prepare for what happened in Afghanistan.

Downing Street has insisted Mr Raab enjoys the "full confidence" of Boris Johnson amid speculation about the foreign secretary's position.

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