Wife, 22, learns 'husband' is a woman despite 'intimate' relationship

23 June 2022, 23:51 | Updated: 24 June 2022, 07:42

The alleged dating profile pictures.
The alleged dating profile pictures. Picture: Twitter/@FashionkuStyle

By Emma Soteriou

A wife has discovered that her 'husband' of 10 months is actually a woman, despite the pair being 'intimate' on several occasions.

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The 22-year-old Indonesian woman, known only as NA, is suing her ex-partner who also claimed they were a neurologist who graduated in New York.

The pair first met via a dating app, with the 'husband' - identified by the initials AA - in Jambi City, local media claimed.

After mere weeks of dating, and being given the green light by NA's parents, the 'husband' proposed, Tribun news reported.

However, four months into the marriage, NA's family became suspicious of her new partner.

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AA had not introduced 'his' family and seemed to have a very relaxed schedule despite claiming to be a qualified doctor, according to MailOnline.

NA's mother also noticed that AA never took off 'his' clothes, even opting to bath with clothes on when others were at home.

The wife went as far as to question her partner about lumps on 'his' chest, but AA claimed that it was a hormonal problem.

NA's mum later demanded that 'he' strip to prove he was a man, at which point AA dropped the facade and revealed 'he' was actually a woman named Erayani.

She said she had lied about everything including her job.

NA told the Jambi District Court she had not suspected anything until her mother started to doubt their relationship.

She said they had been 'intimate' multiple times but her partner insisted on only using hands.

Erayani is now in court, but for falsifying her qualifications as a doctor and not for claiming to be a different gender.

The trial continues.