James O'Brien

Legal consultant working on Prince Harry phone-hacking trial speaks to James O'Brien

James O'Brien soliloquizes on the 'serious situation we find ourselves in' as the government announces it will take legal action to avoid access to unredacted messages.

'Tummy ticklers': James O'Brien slams the media for lack of focus on Boris Johnson and the Partygate scandal

James O'Brien

James O'Brien scrutinises deliberate 'dehumanisation' in immigration rhetoric

James O'Brien ponders media silence over continued rail strikes

'There has to be more to it than fatigue?’: James O’Brien is baffled by the media’s silence on continued train strikes

James O'Brien reacts to Boris Johnson's responses to questioning on the WhatsApp message handover.

James O'Brien reacts to Boris Johnson 'squirming' under questioning on Partygate

The force's commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has written to health and social care services to say police will no longer attend after August 31 unless there is a threat to life.

Mental Health Crisis Team worker's chilling warning - 'there will be deaths' if police absent from mental health calls

James on Eco Protesters

Eco-protesters are 'front of the queue' on the right-wing media's hate list, according to James O'Brien

James and Chemical Weapons expert

Expert banned from government event says Jacob Rees-Mogg's legislation smells like ‘stalinism’

'He worshipped Boris': Caller's father died during COVID with no loved ones as Partygate continued

'He worshipped Boris': Caller's father died during COVID without loved ones around him as Partygate continued

Brexit caller

‘They’re like drug dealers!’: Tearful anti-Brexit caller doesn’t feel he belongs to a country anymore

NHS Cuts

NHS faces 'death by a million cuts' under Tory Government, says mental health nurse

James O'Brien hears from caller who works in artificial intelligence

‘It might be up there with the industrial revolution’: James O’Brien discusses the risks attached to the uptake of AI

Rishi Sunak

James O'Brien criticises Rishi Sunak's 'tragic' Brexit claims on cheaper sanitary products and beer

James on Gove's renting reform

James O’Brien ponders: Is Michael Gove on to a ‘real winner’ with Renters’ Reform Bill?

James O'Brien breaks down the economic illogicality of Brexit after Nigel Farage admitted it has "failed"

'Breathtaking bone-headedness': James O'Brien reacts to Nigel Farage's admission that Brexit 'failed'

James on voting age

James O’Brien: Conservatives have 'actively and successfully' sought to prevent legal British Citizens from voting

James O'Brien and Medical Student

Medical student ‘humiliated’ by newspaper for getting liposuction during doctors' strike

'Disgusting policy enacted by disgusting people!': James O'Brien blasts govt ministers' migration lies

'Disgusting policy enacted by disgusting people!': James O'Brien blasts govt ministers' migration 'lies'