US teacher arrested for vaccinating 17-year-old student without parents' consent

5 January 2022, 08:40

The teacher reportedly had no medical training and administered the jab without parental consent
The teacher reportedly had no medical training and administered the jab without parental consent. Picture: Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

A teacher in the US with no formal medical qualifications has been arrested for allegedly giving a 17-year-old student a Covid vaccine, according to officials.

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Laura Russo, a biology teacher in New York, was detained on New Year's Eve after allegedly administering the jab at her home without consent from the boy's parents, according to police.

The teenager is reportedly a friend of her son.

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It has not yet been confirmed which vaccine the boy was given, but reports suggest it was the one from Johnson & Johnson, which is currently only approved for adults in the US.

The only vaccine approved for those under 18 in the US is the Pfizer jab.

It is not yet known how Ms Russo obtained the vaccine, with Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder saying it was "under investigation".

Vaccination can be dangerous if administered incorrectly, with doctors and trained professionals having a responsibility to check the vaccine is within date, take the person's medical history, and monitor them for a reaction.

In a video of the incident in Long Island, Ms Russo can be heard appearing to tell the teenager: "You'll be fine, I hope."

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The teacher is charged with unauthorised practice of a profession and has a court hearing scheduled for January 21.

If convicted, the 54-year-old could face up to four years in prison.