First Time Caller Gets Emotional Over Government's 'Lack Of Integrity'

14 September 2019, 14:46 | Updated: 14 September 2019, 15:40

Rita, the daughter of Italian immigrants, cried to David Lammy as she spoke about the Conservative Government.

Audibly emotional, Rita said: "I'm the daughter of Italian immigrants.

"And my parents were devastated when this [Brexit] happened.

"My dad grew up in '30s Italy, and he's seen it all before."

She added: "These people - David Cameron, George Osborne, and ... Jacob Rees-Mogg - only care about their wealth and privilege and maintaining it.

"They will do absolutely anything... to maintain it."

Lammy was visibly moved by the emotional first time caller
Lammy was visibly moved by the emotional first time caller. Picture: LBC

She continued: "David Cameron has unwittingly exposed the weakness of this democracy.

"Because the democracy we have relied on integrity and honesty.

"Now we have this situation where not one of them could be said to have one of those qualities."

Lammy was clearly moved by Rita's emotional speech.

He referred to it as 'explosive' and said: "I felt tears come to my eyes when you talked about your parents coming from Italy.

"I thought about EU nationals that our in our country and are struggling now to get settled status.

"About my own parents arriving in this country, about the welcome they got."

Lammy agreed with Rita about the importance of 'integrity'.