David Lammy: I Was So Scared When I Was Stop & Searched Aged 12, I Wet Myself

19 July 2019, 12:56 | Updated: 19 July 2019, 14:31

Tottenham MP David Lammy told LBC that his experience of stop and search at the age of 12 was so humiliating he wet himself.

Recounting his personal experiences of stop and search when he was aged 12, David Lammy said he was walking along a road in Tottenham.

"He stopped me, there were three of them I think at the time. This police officer said I fitted the description of someone that had recently done a mugging.

"He patted me down," The Tottenham MP said the officer was "so aggressive" in the way he searched him.

"He felt me up basically," David said, "in the street, I felt humiliated."

David Lammy was discussing stop and search
David Lammy was discussing stop and search. Picture: LBC

David said he felt like "the whole world" was looking at him.

"I wet myself."

He said he can still feel it, even though it was many years ago. He told LBC listeners that he was fearful.

He even revealed he wasn't sure he fitted the description of the wanted man.

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