European Elections: Voting Opens To Elect MEPs

23 May 2019, 07:18 | Updated: 23 May 2019, 07:21

A polling station in Stevenage
A polling station in Stevenage. Picture: PA

Polls are open across the UK for the European parliamentary elections.

The elections are taking place to choose 73 MEPs to represent 12 regions across the country.

Polling stations are open until 10pm tonight, but results will not be revealed until Sunday night at 10pm when polls close across Europe.

Hear all the results in LBC Election Night Special with Iain Dale on Sunday from 10pm. Watch it live.

European Elections 2019: How To Vote

When you go to a polling station, you will be given your ballot paper. The parties will be listed in alphabetical order. Simply place a cross in the box next to the party you wish to vote for.

Remember, you do not need to take your polling card to the polling station in order to vote.

Postal votes need to be received by 10pm tonight or they will not be counted.

The election works on a proportional representation format, different to the First Past The Post system used in UK elections. This means that the MEPs are selected based upon their share of the vote within a region.

Northern Ireland will elect its MEPs using a single transferable vote system, with voters asked to rank the candidates in order of preference.

The 12 UK electoral regions:
East Midlands
Northern Ireland
North East
North West
South East
South West
West Midlands
Yorkshire and Humber

The UK will elect 73 MEPs from across the 12 regions - the South East has the most with 10, while there are only three elected from both the North East and Northern Ireland.