Heathrow passengers face paying more to fly from airport under new plans

19 October 2021, 09:00

Heathrow Airport passenger charges are set to rise
Heathrow Airport passenger charges are set to rise. Picture: Alamy Stock Photo

By Megan Hinton

Heathrow Airport has been barred from doubling the charge it adds for passengers to fly out of the airport, but the fee is still to rise by more than 50 per cent.

Passengers flying from Heathrow airport could an extra £8 per person added to the cost of flights next year as the as the aviation industry struggles to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has ruled that Heathrow could raise the passenger charge to between £24.50 and £34.40 per ticket.

Heathrow had originally requested an increase of between £32 and £43 but the CAA said the new proposals "protect consumers against unfair charges”.

The decision comes after Heathrow suffered a £2billion annual loss as the coronavirus pandemic halted international travel.

Whilst a final decision is expected early next year, an interim price control of £30 per passenger is to be implemented from January 2022 to "protect consumers" in the gap between the current price control finishing and the next one starting.

Commenting on the initial proposals, Richard Moriarty, Chief Executive at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “While international air travel is still recovering, setting a price control for Heathrow Airport against the backdrop of so much uncertainty means we have had to adapt our approach. 

"Our principal objective is to further the interests of consumers while recognising the challenges the industry has faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. These initial proposals seek to protect consumers against unfair charges, and will allow Heathrow to continue to appropriately invest in keeping the airport resilient, efficient and one that provides a good experience for passengers.

“We look forward to working with all stakeholders as we refine this package of measures in the coming months, before setting out our final proposals next year.”

The consultations on the interim price cap and the wider initial proposals will run until 17 November and 17 December 2021 respectively.