Jeremy Corbyn Tells LBC He Doesn't Support A Second Scottish Referendum

30 October 2019, 17:59 | Updated: 1 November 2019, 06:56

Jeremy Corbyn tells LBC that while he doesn't support it he would grant a second Scottish independent referendum if that was the will of the people - but not in the near future.

LBC's reporter Lucy Hough asked Jeremy Corbyn if he'd give the SNP a second Scottish independence referendum if they supported Labour and whether, in those circumstances he'd campaign for the union.

"There's going to be no deal with the SNP and no deal with any other party. We will put £70 billion of investment into Scotland and there will be other funding going into Scotland support services.

"We will not countenance an early referendum in Scotland - that could come much later, only if the Scottish Parliament decide that they wanted it.

"I don't support Scottish independence so I don't think another referendum is a good idea. I want to get on with improving the lives of people across Scotland, improving austerity in the poorest communities."

In the interview the Labour leader also told Lucy Hough he would be willing to debate head to head with Johnson in a television debate.

He told Lucy Hough, he is opposed to Johnson's "sellout" NHS deal with Donald Trump.

He said: "The Prime Minister and his officials went to the United States and had meetings with five drug companies to talk about how they could come into our NHS market.

"Well sorry, we don't have an NHS market, we have a National Health Service. Service not marketplace."