M25 delays: Furious motorists blast climate protesters for 'making them buy more petrol'

13 September 2021, 12:19 | Updated: 13 September 2021, 12:45

By Emma Soteriou

Furious motorists have blasted climate protesters for 'making them buy more petrol' after they were held up in long queues due to demonstrations on the M25.

Insulate Britain took to the country's busiest motorway to grab the attention of politicians over the climate emergency.

However, they have been widely criticised for their disruption, having caused delays for the general public in the process.

On Monday morning, a driver was seen storming out of his car towards protesters, forcibly attempting to drag one away.

There has also been fury online, with thousands of travellers complaining about having their journeys disrupted.

An HGV driver slammed the group for showing "stupidity of the highest order" in their attempts to demonstrate.

Meanwhile, one worker from an insulating firm saw the irony in the situation, after they were stopped from going to work due to the traffic build up.

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One person told LBC's Nick Ferrari that they found the action counter-productive after they had been forced to fill up their petrol tank after sitting in a long queue with the engine running.

Another appeared to be deterred from the cause, criticising the group for being "out of control".

In an open message to the group, a user labelled their latest move as "pathetic civil disobedience" that would not help in the long run.

Someone else said they almost lost their job because of the delays, arriving 45 minutes late on their first day.

In response to an Insulate Britain tweet saying they wanted to "create hundreds of thousands of jobs", the user said: "CREATE THOUSANDS!? You nearly made me loose mine this morning!

"It was my first day and you made me 45 minutes late! I actively reduce my carbon footprint and I drive a plug in car."

Insulate Britain has said that their intervention on the M25 is "just the start" with more demonstrations expected later in the week.

Their reasoning behind the standstill was to get the government to insulate all of Britain’s homes and create a "legally binding national plan to fully fund and take responsibility for the full low-energy and low-carbon whole-house retrofit".

At least 42 arrests were made in connection with the disruption.