NHS staff will get "appropriate level of recognition," Dominic Raab tells LBC in press conference

9 April 2020, 18:06 | Updated: 10 April 2020, 11:53

By Fiona Jones

The Foreign Secretary confirmed to LBC's Westminster reporter Ben Kentish that NHS workers will receive an “appropriate level of recognition once we're through the worst of it.”

Ben pushed Dominic Raab to commit to giving frontline staff a "financial reward" for their incredible and selfless efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think all those in the frontline have done an amazing job," the Foreign Secretary said, reiterating from his initial speech that the government is rolling PPE out "at pace" for NHS workers.

"You're right there will be a moment when we formally recognise those in the frontline who have done so much to pull as through this very difficult period for our country."

Ben asked in which form the Foreign Secretary said rewards for NHS staff should take.

Dominic Raab told LBC's Ben Kentish that there will be a moment to recognise NHS workers
Dominic Raab told LBC's Ben Kentish that there will be a moment to recognise NHS workers. Picture: No 10

Mr Raab said while they are doing a great job, it is important to focus on getting through the coronavirus peak.

"I'd want to give it proper thought with all the other people in government, but what I would say is, I think we all recognise the enormous sacrifice they've made, how much it's done to help us.

"I'm sure there will be the appropriate level of recognition at the right moment once we're through the worst of it."

Ben also pushed Sir Patrick Vallance for information on the surveillance study for the test that has been developed for Public Health England.

The Chief Scientific Adviser confirmed there is a surveillance study on the way but the results are not published.

"This will continue until we've got the right results and they're able to communicate them."