Russia's Dublin embassy runs dry as Irish refuse to deliver supplies

5 April 2022, 14:21

The Russian Embassy to Ireland has complained about fuel supplies
The Russian Embassy to Ireland has complained about fuel supplies. Picture: Alamy/Google Maps

By Will Taylor

A Russian embassy has pleaded for fuel after suppliers turned their backs on the diplomatic mission.

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Representatives for Moscow - which has tried itself to weaponise fuel as leverage against European nations - in Ireland moaned that they were being discriminated against.

But it appeared they had been given the cold shoulder by their hosts in Dublin.

The Irish Mirror reported on a letter sent by the embassy to the Department of Foreign Affairs, that said: "The current provider of fuel to the Embassy has refused to deliver diesel to our mission.

"The Embassy checked other providers in [the] Dublin area for the availability of diesel supplies, but they have all refused to cooperate. The Embassy is left with a very limited supply that will last till the end of the week only.

"This diesel is an essential commodity, since it is used for heating and hot water supply of the Chancery, as well as the residential area of our mission.

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"The Embassy requests that the Department intervenes into this clearly discriminatory case."

The paper reported a source as saying the embassy is struggling because "no one wants to do business with them", including banks.

Another source said they would not get help from the foreign affairs department.

Russian pleas are not likely to break many hearts throughout Europe.

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Last week, Vladimir Putin threatened to cut off its supply of gas to the continent if it wasn't paid for in roubles, as the Russian economy takes a hit from Western sanctions imposed over the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia did not follow through with the threat, which a number of European countries rely on.

Outrage at the devastation left behind by retreating Russian forces around the capital Kyiv has also evaporated any sympathy for Kremlin representatives.

Hundreds of bodies have been found, with Ukraine accusing Russian troops of carrying out killings as mass graves were discovered in the wake of the withdrawal.

Calls for tougher sanctions followed as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was pictured crying over the macabre discoveries.