Local Elections: Brexit Backlash As Tories And Labour See Losses While Lib Dems Gain

3 May 2019, 15:07 | Updated: 3 May 2019, 15:11

Both main parties were well down on where they were 12 months ago.
Both main parties were well down on where they were 12 months ago. Picture: PA

The Tories and Labour seem to have been hit by a backlash over Brexit at the local council elections.

The Tories have lost almost 800 council seats and control of 24 local authorities, while Labour has lesses are currently at 86 seats. The Lib Dems gained control of 9 councils, and have increased the number of councillors by more than 450.

The results so far (councillors):

Conservatives: 2187 (-790)
Labour: 1468 (-86)
Lib Dems: 874 (+459)
Green: 144 (+116)
UKIP: 20 (-84)
Independent: 659 (+380)

Theresa May said England's local elections have been 'very difficult' for the Tories after big losses.

The Conservatives lost overall control of Basildon, Southend-on-Sea, Tandridge and St Albans.

Labour has lost overall control in party stronghold Bolsover for the first time, with other significant losses in Hartlepool and Wirral.

Labour's Jess Phillips said her party's position on Brexit has "failed" and called for them to show more "bravery".

"I'm off to bed as have to be up at 7am to do the school run," she tweeted. "My final word is that I think our position on Brexit has failed.

"Bravery is needed. If you combine kindness and effectiveness with a bit of grit most people will respect you even when they don't always agree."

The Lib Dems have made significant gains, with the party's MP Sir Ed Davey declaring they're 'back in business'.

It was a good night for the Greens and independent candidates who all made gains.