Pensioner Repeatedly Crashes Into Petrol Station After Confusing Accelerate And Reverse

8 September 2017, 14:14 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:26

Reverse or forward, accelerate or break? This pensioner repeatedly confused the two and rammed into a petrol station.

The 77-year-old from Germany had a lucky escape after losing control of his car and crashing into the store.

The mishap, which ended with his car completely inside the shop, caused more than £45,000 in damage after he crashed through the doors.

Police said the driver, who smashed into the station shop four times and hit a van before coming to a stop by two refrigerators in store, probably confused the accelerator with the brake pedal and the forward and reverse gear.

The shocking video shows the man hit the front of the shop before reversing into a van.

He then pulls forward again at speed, hits the shop front and knocks part of his bumper off.

One final acceleration sees the car disappear inside the shop, causing considerable damage.

The driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries after Wednesday’s incident in Wendlingen, 30km southeast of Stuttgart, according to local media.