Holidays 2021: Will Brits be able to go on foreign trips? LBC asks a Government Minister

18 March 2021, 08:47 | Updated: 18 March 2021, 08:59

Will Brits be able to go on foreign summer holidays?

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Will there be summer holidays this year? And when should Brits book their 2021 holiday? LBC asked a Government Minister.

After a year of coronavirus lockdown restrictions, many Brits are looking forward to the idea of a summer holiday in 2021.

But with other countries locking down their borders and Government restrictions in the UK meaning it is currently illegal to travel abroad for a holiday, will it be possible to go abroad this year? LBC asked a Government Minister.

Nick Ferrari asked Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick if there will be "summer holidays out of this country?"

"Well, I hope so, " was Mr Jenrick's immediate answer.

But he followed up with a warning for listeners to "wait until the outcome of the international travel review," which Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is leading.

Mr Jenrick told LBC that this review would be complete by "the middle of April."

"That's the moment I think people should make those decisions if they don't want to be disappointed."

At the start of March, the Transport Secretary started the Global Travel Taskforce which will set out a plan for restarting international travel in a "safe and sustainable way."

Will summer holidays be allowed? This is what ministers have said...

The EU has set out its plan for coronavirus vaccine certificates that could allow travel within the bloc this summer.

Digital Green Certificates will be accepted as "proof" that a person has had a Covid-19 jab or received a negative test result.

They're likely to be made available to non-EU nationals - including British holidaymakers.