Government publishes new guidelines for life in lockdown

11 May 2020, 14:17

Boris Johnson has set out new guidelines for the lockdown
Boris Johnson has set out new guidelines for the lockdown. Picture: PA

The government has released its 50-page document detailing the new rules for life under lockdown.

The public were critical of Boris Johnson's 13-minute broadcast on Sunday evening for lacking detail on some key elements such as returning to work and who you could meet up.

The 50-page document is designed to clear up some of that new advice. Here are the main points.


People are being urged to continue working from home, wherever possible.

However, those who cannot work from home should travel to work - only if their workplace is open.


Vulnerable children and children of critical workers can still attend school.

Local authorities and schools are now being told to urge more children who would benefit from attending in person to do so.


Anyone who does need to travel to work is being urged to avoid using public transport, instead travelling by car, walking or cycling.

Social distancing guidelines on public transport must be adhered to "rigorously", the new guidance says.

There is also now no limit on how far people can travel to exercise in open outdoor spaces, as long as people from separate households follow social distancing guidelines.

However, the government says people must not travel to separate parts of the UK where some rules differ (for example Scotland still recommends people stay indoors).

Meeting friends and family

For the first time since 23rd March, people can now meet a person from outside their household - subject to strict rules.

You may not meet with more than one person from outside your household, and must stay at least 6ft away from one another.

Playing sports with someone from outside your household is also banned to stop the spread of infection.

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