Violent clashes across US over death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

28 May 2020, 10:32

Protest over death of unarmed black man blocks Los Angeles motorway

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

There have been violent clashes between protesters and police in the US, following the death of an unarmed black man.

The mayor of Minneapolis has called for criminal charges to be filed against the white police officer seen on video kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed black man during an arrest, even after the man said he could not breathe and stopped moving.

George Floyd said he couldn't breathe as a white officer kneeled on his neck during an arrest.

Based on the video, city mayor Jacob Frey said he believes officer Derek Chauvin should be charged over the death of George Floyd.

Chauvin and three other officers were fired on Tuesday.

Mass protests have broken out across the city in the wake of the death
Mass protests have broken out across the city in the wake of the death. Picture: PA

NBC News reported that Protests in Minneapolis over the in-custody death of George Floyd escalated into violence on Wednesday night, with a fatal shooting near the site of the demonstrations, widespread looting, multiple fires and the deployment of tear gas.

It was the second night of conflict during rallies by thousands enraged by Floyd's death.

State Governor Tim Walz late Wednesday called it an "extremely dangerous situation" and urged residents to leave the area.

Unverified drone footage posted on social media appears to show a number of buildings on fire in the city with local news channel Fox 9 reporting protesters had set fires at multiple buildings in south Minneapolis amid protests.

A journalist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune tweeted images of a housing complex construction site that appeared fully engulfed in flames and video of a liquor store that was trashed with shattered glass and boxes littering the sidewalk

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo confirmed the use of tear gas following violence and looting. He told Fox 9 TV that he ordered the use of tear gas after violence broke out.

He said that he is committed to protecting the rights of people to demonstrate and most did so peacefully, but there have been groups committing criminal acts.