Grandmother and sobbing granddaughter kicked out of hotel over 'bad review'

23 November 2021, 13:26 | Updated: 23 November 2021, 15:13

Baymont Inn & Suites in Helen, Georgia.
Baymont Inn & Suites in Helen, Georgia. Picture: Google Maps

By Emma Soteriou

A grandmother and her devastated grandchild were thrown out of a US hotel by police after giving leaving a "bad review" online.

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Susan Leger, 63, and her six-year-old granddaughter were thrown out of Baymont Inn & Suites in Helen, Georgia after she gave the hotel three stars out of five in a review.

Ms Leger claimed the manager forced her to leave or he would call the police.

"My granddaughter's like clinging to my leg and crying so hard. This was scary. This was just horrifying," Ms Leger told WXIA.

"The man is screaming at me. He was saying: 'You get out now. I call the police'."

She added that the manager told her: "You get out. You lie, you lie. You gave me bad review."

"I'm just sitting there going 'oh my gosh, is this a prank call?'" she said.

The pair had been on their first day of a three-night stay when the altercation occurred.

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Police soon arrived to make sure they left, writing in a report that management wanted her out due to a "bad review".

In the review, Ms Leger shared her view that the place was "rundown. Pool’s not open. Toilet doesn’t flush well."

As a result, she and her granddaughter were forced to walk down the street to the nearest hotel in their pyjamas.

The grandmother had been sent an email by to review her room after having booked in, but said she did not realise her response would be sent to management while continuing her stay.

"The only way to keep the room, in my mind, is not to have answered's request," she said.

"If you don’t want to be walking in your pyjamas with your six-year-old granddaughter, don’t leave a review if you’re currently still at the place."

Hotel Manager Danny Vyas defended his actions to WXIA. He said Ms Leger complained "way too much".

"We let her know lots of times to stop calling us. If you’re not happy, change the room or leave the place," he said. 

"They called me at least 10, 11 times in maybe one hour … Everything is not right."

In a statement, said: " has a zero-tolerance policy regarding retaliation and we will remove any guests, hosts and/or properties from our website who exhibit or promote such behaviour in-stay or offline.

"We have temporarily removed this property from our sites while we conduct an investigation to determine the appropriate next steps."

Wyndham Hotels, the company that owns the Baymont chain, could not be reached for comment.