Six dead in 'drive-by' shooting in Sacramento that left at least 10 others injured

3 April 2022, 14:47 | Updated: 3 April 2022, 17:36

  • Six people shot dead after gunman opened fire from car
  • 'At least 50 shots fired' as gunman targeted crowd outside restaurant and lounge
  • Gunman opened fire around 2am, shortly after last call for bars
  • Police in California are searching for at least one suspect
Footage circulated online shows a crowd fleeing as gunshots ring out in Sacramento
Footage circulated online shows a crowd fleeing as gunshots ring out in Sacramento. Picture: Twitter

By Asher McShane

Six people have died and at least ten others have been injured in a shooting in Sacramento city centre, US police have said.

The Sacramento Police Department said the shooting happened early on Sunday morning.

Video posted on Twitter showed people running through the street as the sound of rapid gunfire could be heard in the background.

Video footage also showed multiple ambulances had been sent to the scene.

Witnesses reported seeing a person in a car pull out an automatic weapon and begin shooting into a crowd gathered outside a restaurant and lounge in the city.

Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester said at a news conference that police were patrolling the area at about 2am when they heard gunfire.

When they arrived at the scene, they found a large crowd gathered on the street and six people dead. A further 10 people either took themselves to hospitals or were transported there.

Authorities do not know whether one or more suspects were involved and are asking for the public's help in identifying who is responsible.

Residents were asked to avoid the area, which is packed with restaurants and bars leading to the Golden One Centre, where the Sacramento Kings play basketball.

Berry Accius, a community activist, said he had arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting.

"The first thing I saw was like victims. I saw a young girl with a whole bunch of blood in her body, a girl taking off glass from her, a young girl screaming saying, 'They killed my sister'. A mother running up, 'Where's my son, has my son been shot?'" he said.

Kay Harris, 32, said she was asleep when one of her family members called to say they thought her brother had been killed. She said she thought he was at London, a nightclub at 1009 10th Street.

Ms Harris said she had been to the club a few times and described it as a place for "the younger crowd".

Police have closed the streets around the club.